Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Target Giveaway Winner!

What a week it has been! With school getting out, swimming, and having a campout, I believe our summer is off to a good start!
I've learned that I'm just a weekly blogger.  Daily blogging just isn't for me.  After all, I have 6 kids to take care of! But it's been fun trying to do a daily blog (ha! ha!!!)  I'll have some projects coming up.  I'm in charge of the craft this month for a craft group. So I'll post about that soon!

Walking home on the last day of school.

Our new popup camper. LOVE IT.

So are you ready for the winner of the $25 Target gift card???
There were 23 comments, and so I went to, and it generated comment
#21, "Anash".

Congrats! And I will be emailing your for your address so I can mail you the card!