Thursday, May 5, 2011

Take a Hike!

Summer Boredom Buster #3:

Take a Hike!

Pack water and snacks.  Jogging strollers are nice for hikes, and you can put your water and snacks under the stroller so you don't have to carry them.  If you bring a picnic, leave it in a cooler in your car, and then eat it at a picnic table when you get back. 
I've found that the more food I bring ON the hike, the more my kids just want to eat.  By leaving the food to the end, then they enjoy the hike much more!
So just stick with water and maybe a light snack DURING the hike.

Don't forget the sunscreen and hats!


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Adriana @ Live Laugh Love Learn said...

This looks exactly like the kind of outing our family enjoys!