Thursday, May 19, 2011

Museum Trip (and playing catch-up)

Summer Boredom Buster #9,10,11,12,13,14,15,&16!
(and be sure to check out the giftcard giveaway in my last post)

So, posting everyday has not been happening around here! Sorry 'bout 'at (said with a Hagrid voice!) 
My goodness, I can't believe my kids only have one more week of school.  It's pretty funny that I saw the snow plows out yesterday, because we got a huge hail storm.  Summer already???
Not to mention the tornado alert! No thanks!

Well, for #9 I'd like to mention the Natural History Museum. Or any museum will do! Usually museums will have a FREE day.  But you might like it so much that you buy an annual membership!

(Unfortunately we don't have many pictures. But there was SO much to see!)

#10  Take a nature walk with a paper bag.  Collect fun treasures (leaves, twigs, cool rocks, shells, etc.) and make a poster.  Let your child hang their poster in their room.

#11 Invest in a children's digital camera.  Let your kids have fun taking their own pictures of your summer adventures!

#12 On one of those hot days, give your kids foam paint brushes and a bowl of water.  Let them "paint" on the cement patio or sidewalk with water. 

#13 Have a puppy grooming day! Invite your friends to bring their dogs over for some wet and wild fun! Fill a couple small, plastic swimming pools with water, and let the fun begin! Don't forget the doggy shampoo and brushes!

#14 Play hopscotch with your kids. play with them! Then have Popsicles afterwards.

#15 Have your kids been "eyeing" a certain toy at the store? Let them do extra chores around the house and yard to earn some extra income.  They could even decorate a savings jar to keep in their room.

#16 Create a family flag! What does your family center around? Let each child draw a picture that represents them, and what the family means to them.  Post your family flag in a prominent place in your home throughout the summer. 


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