Monday, May 9, 2011

Fort Bucket

Summer Boredom Buster #5

There's just something "all kid" about building forts.  I remember my brothers and I turning our entire basement into one gigantic fort, complete with tunnels and passage ways.  Then we would put our swimming goggles on and have a rubber band war!
Good times....good times.

Do you ever find this situation after a fort adventure?

Or how about this?

Try creating a Fort Basket! This way the kids know what sheets they can use, and hopefully will keep the other towels and blankets nicely folded.

I found this handy basket at the dollar store.  They had several to choose from.  I liked this one because it had a handle on it and could fit at least 3 sheets.

"I never make messes, Mommy!"

 My silly girls!

Back where it belongs with no mess!


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Kristin said...

Great ideas, Heidi!