Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Coupon Binder Craze!

So I'll start with my trip to Target today, to get some sheet protectors and a big binder.  Because a couponer must organize her coupons, right?  And even though I know I have a ton of sheet protectors already...they are packed in boxes!
Have you seen any of the episodes of Extreme Couponing??? Oh, my goodness! I was hooked after seeing one of the girls $600 grocery bill dwindle down to just over $5.00!!! Now THAT's some SERIOUS couponing! 
So in an effort to build up my food storage, I'm giving it a go!

I found this idea at the Learning to be Frugal website HERE.

She simply used her sewing machine and made her own pockets. Brilliant, huh?

I'll let you know how my binder turns out.  My binders bright pink, so I can spot it a mile away!


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Kristin said...

No more babies... ;o(