Thursday, March 3, 2011

Some Days you Step in It, Some Days You Don't

Warning! What you are about to read is from a very tired mommy!

My mom used to have a magnet on her fridge that's kind of stuck with me.  It had a picture of a cow in a nice grassy field, but one of his feet had stepped in a milk bucket.  And it read "Some days you step in it, some days you don't".  I guess it's about moving on...recognizing that you'll have bad days.  Do  you ever have people that ask you "How do you do it all?", or they see you with all your kids and they say, "Wow, you've got your hands full!" I'm never sure how to take it.  Are they saying it out of pitty? Or is it a way of giving me a "hi five!"
Well, I think today was one of those days.  It just didn't go very smoothly. I'm going to tell you about my day now. Feel free to keep reading...

Last night I didn't get much sleep. (I never really do!) I woke up probably every 20 minutes.  This morning my kids were dropped off at school by my husband.  My husband called me from work and says there was NOBODY at the school.  They were 40 minutes early, and had to stand out in the cold. I felt horrible! But they had their warm stuff on. 
About an hour later I get a call that one of my kids is running a high fever (he missed the last couple of days, but I sent him this morning after giving him a dose of medicine).  So I go pick him up. 
About an hour later I pick up my daughter from kindergarten.  When we get home she plays outside with my 2-year-old.  My little one gets sand in her eye (it's very windy today) and wants to take a bath. 
Somehow graham crackers make it into the bathtub water. 
After I dry them both off I go downstairs to find some clothes for them.  Then I hear, "Mom, I poopooia".
What? But she's not wearing a diaper! So of course there's a nice BIG reminder of why I should have immediately put a diaper on her. 
My husband comes home for lunch, and starts to play video games.  I think he saw the zombie look I was sporting, and decided it was best to leave me alone.
Around 2:00 I get a phone call from the middle school.  My other son had a fever too.  (Just give him a Tylenol!) So I go pick him up. He's stayed home for the past couple of days too. I felt so bad. But he really did feel fine this morning!
My little baby has been sick too. His new name is the Boogy Man.  There's no other words to describe it!
I took one of my daughters, who miraculously hasn't been sick, to gymnastics.  She wanted me to stay and watch her, but I told her I needed to go home and take a shower (it's been a while!) So I had about a 30 minute time frame...and I took it! I promised her I would watch her next time. 
While I was taking a shower my baby slept in his crib, and my 2-year-old banged on the door.  My baby must have been pretty tired, because he slept through all the noise. 
When I picked up my daughter from gymnastics I was 5 minutes late.  And on our way out of the revolving doors, some kid decided it was funny to chase his little sister, all the while spraying an aerosol can of cheap teenager colone.  So as we walked out into the windy air, we got a nice constant spray....right front of the door.  As I was walking to our car I looked back, and his finger was still on the trigger!  I smell like a nice teenage boy now.
I'm so tired right now, I don't even know what I'm writing! I need to find some dinner for the kids, because my husband just called and wants to go out tonight!
Someone scrape me off the floor, please!

That's all for now.
I'll have a better post next time, I promise. :)



I'm the Mom that's why said...

Totally have had my share of days like's almost better like that. I would like to have all the stuff dump on me at once than have it drag on for days at a time. Look at it this way, you have earned a really good day...let me know how it goes:)

Angela said...

Don't you just love the dog days of motherhood!!!??? I can feel your pain girl. Good luck (hope the house search gets better!)