Thursday, February 10, 2011

How many sit-ups can YOU do???

So, yesterday I started the Fitness Challenge Competition at our local gym.  The winner gets a year-long membership, and there's also prizes and drawings each of the 8 weeks. 

The point is to lose the most body weight, and percentage body fat.  So I have 8 weeks!

I'm going to tell you how pathetic I am so you can see how AWESOME I'll be in 8 weeks!

Weight: 169.4 lbs
Sit-ups in 60 seconds: 1 (yes...only 1!!!)
Push-ups in 60 seconds: 16 (girl push-ups)
Fat percent: 38.6 %

My height is 5',6", and I'm 35.

*My goal is to be able to do at least 20 sit-ups, and 25 push-ups. And bring my body fat percentage way down.  Oh, and being able to put my wedding ring back on would be nice!

So the funny thing is the trainer ( the cutest little old man) that was assessing me said, "Well, I guess you can only improve from here!"



Creative Ambitions said...

Heidi... Hope you do well!! What a great prize! I struggle with my weight constantly... I have lots that I gained over the last 8 years so... lots to lose!! That's funny what the trainer guy said!! 8 weeks huh? GO HEIDI GO!!!

I'm the Mom that's why said...

Love the muffintop logo..that was then name of the team I just ran Ragnar will do great..the good thing about getting back into shape is your body remembers how it once was to be in shape and you can get there fast..your body wants you to!