Friday, January 14, 2011

Gotta Start Somewhere!

Baby steps....

I've been procrastinating.  I tend to shut things in a closet, because I don't want to look at them...or I tell myself I'll get to it later...

Traci at Beneath My Heart is giving me a little push in the right direction.  Look over at my side bar and click on her button to Organizing Your Heart and Home.  This weeks theme is "closets".  So I tackled our shoe and coat closet.

I felt a bit silly making these signs to organize...
but as soon as I taped them to the wall, that was it! There was no shutting the closet now!

I still need to get a boot tray for our wet boots, but at least it's organized! The baskets are holding all our gloves and mittens. Yeah!

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Becky@Organizing Made Fun said...

Oh, I LOVE that you made labels for your piles! That was just the best thing to do...keep up the good work! If you ever need any more organizing inspiration, please come over and have a look!

Becky B.
Organizing Made Fun

Traci@ Beneath My Heart said...

Great job! I love that you put signs on your wall. :)
And look at how much more room you have in your closet! The best part of the post was the little cutie in the last picture! ;)
It's so nice to stop by your blog and "meet" you.
Thank you for linking up to my party and for getting organized in 2011 with me.
Many Blessings,

Kathy Peterson said...

Loved it! You ARE making progress:)
I hardly recognized Katlyn. She is looking so grown up!!