Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Eagle On Ice

O.K., here's the story that I promised from my last post.  It's a parable I remember hearing when I was younger. I couldn't find the exact story online...so I will paraphrase it.

There was an eagle perched in a tree by a river.  It was wintertime with snow on the ground and chunks of ice floating down the river.  The eagle noticed a small, dead animal on one of the floating blocks of ice.  It then flew down to eat this animal, and perched itself on the slowly moving ice.  After a while the water current began to move faster, and small rapids were forming.  The water was sloshing up onto the block of ice, but the eagle continued to eat his new found food. 

image from animalseatinganimals.com

Pretty soon, because of the freezing temperatures, the water that was splashing up on the block of ice had frozen the eagles feet to the ice, and the eagle could not escape.  The upcoming waterfall would soon be the death of him.

(Note: no animals were harmed in the telling of this story! My son wanted to be sure!)

The moral of the story is this:

Everyone is susceptible to sin.  We may think we are strong enough to walk away, or try a little bit of this, or that.  But that is how the adversary gets us. He entices us and lets us explain away our weaknesses.  And before we know it...he has a hold of us.  By that time it is much more difficult to walk away. 

We must be strong and make the right choices ahead of time, so that when sin creeps into our lives we can "fly" away from it as soon as possible. 

image from positiveadaptions.com

So when I saw this yesterday morning with the ducks around the frozen lake.....

....it reminded me of that story.

By keeping the lines of communication open in our family, and truly listening to each other, we can cast the adversary away.  We can invite the right light into our homes.  And everyone is happier for it!


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