Friday, December 31, 2010

Me, Myself, and I

One of my favorite blogs is The Idea Room. She started a post of random facts about her and invited others to join in. Take a look at the others HERE. Sounds like fun! I normally don't like to talk about myself...but since this is my blog...this is where I can talk about anything I want...right?

I don't have any digital images of me as a child...and I've given up on trying to use my most of my pictures are within the past few years when I finally got a digital camera...'s some tidbits about me, myself, and I....

~I have six children...yes, 6.
~I recently turned 35, and am trying to cover all my silver hairs (I have MANY). Although, as my mom would say....I've earned every gray hair!
 ~I love to do crafts and decoration projects.  I love to rearrange my furniture, and pretend I know what I'm doing.
~When I make family recipes...I think about my mom and grandma...always. Maybe this is why we have chicken noodle soup all the time!

I took an art class to fulfill a degree requirement, then I fell in love with oil painting.  It relaxes me, and helps me to be more patient I think.

~I love spending time outdoors with the family. Even though it takes me a while to get moving in the morning, I'm always happy when I'm outside enjoying the fresh air.

 ~I don't really sew much.  But my mom is a super duper awesome seamstress!  And she helped me finish my daughters blessing dress.  I was so proud of myself! (grin!)

~My favorite thing to do with friends is having BBQ's.  I'm a pretty casual person, and nothing beats a good ole' BBQ! Below is our good friends from California that we miss so much.

~My heart melts when my husband plays with the kids every day.

~Nothing makes me smile faster than my little man.

 ~My kids are probably the goofiest, silliest, and most dramatic around.  I was SUPER shy as a child so I don't know how not one of my children isn't shy!

~I recently moved to Colorado, and we are LOVING the weather here! It's so beautiful!

~I love it when my kids ask me to do something "cool" for them!  (Does that make me a cool mom?)
My son broke his arm a year ago, and asked me to paint a picture of a Halo character on his cast.

~I love watching my kids achieve their goals. My oldest son is very aware of my feelings, and will give me a hug if he thinks I'm getting frustrated or sad.  He melts my heart each time.

~I hate cockroaches and cannot kill them unless the Raid sprays 20 feet.  But I can squash a spider without even thinking about it (unless it's a Black Widow...that's a different story...I have goosebumps just thinking about it!)
~I don't have a favorite color, but I love wearing red.
~I love my kids to death...but I hate grocery shopping with them.
~I was a lifeguard and swim coach for several years before I got married.
~I wish I could sing and play the guitar.
~I can play the piano and violin though!
~I got to play for President Reagan when I was in the 9th grade.
~I'm terrified of heights.  And I don't like stairs.
~I have 5 brothers, and 2 sisters.
~I could spend all day in a craft store.
~I usually listen to talk radio while in the car (I think this came from my dad).
~I like country music (yes I do!). But I also love other music, except rap and heavy metal!
~My husband thinks I'm a size 6. (grin!)
~I'm looking forward to a trip to Hawaii in a couple of years.
~My New Year's resolution is to get organized.

Do you want me to go on? Just kidding...I'm not THAT exciting!
I hope you all have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!



Chris said...

Six! I agree that shopping with kids is NOT fun. Confession, we put our kids to bed and go grocery shopping after they are asleep. Much easier.
I'm also 35 with silver coming in. I used to pull them out, but can't seem to keep up with it anymore. :)

mal blair said...

aw, what a cute list!
i love rearranging furniture too.. & i'm the same way about roaches, i can't get near them - even to kill them! ewww.. & i played the violin too, but totally not amazing enough to play for president reagan - dang you, superstar. :]

Camilla Jones (CioCo Photography) said...

love your list! saw you on the idea room and thought, 'any one with that cool of a picture deserves to be visited'. :) I wish I could make anyone think I was a size 6..... hahaah. Maybe back in the 6th grade. You're awesome!

InMyOwnStyle said...

Hi Heidi-

What a wonderful post. I have enjoyed it thoroughly and think we have a LOT!!! in common. I hope you and your family have a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2011. Give all those little cheeks an extra hug and kiss for the new year. xo

My best- Diane

Jinky said...

I enjoyed this post Heidi. Learned cool things about you. You are definitely exciting! Totally awesome!! ~Love your profile pic.

Happy New Year!!

Kitschalicious said...

That chicken noodle soup looks YUMMY!!! My grandma makes some yummy soup and I miss it! Love your post and you have a beautiful family! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

(P.S. Sorry it took so long getting here to read it! I'm betting you know how it is though. Kids. The New Year thing. Yeah. I guess it's the wonderful thing we call life, huh? LOL! Have a wonderful day!)