Sunday, October 3, 2010

Alive and kickin'

I'm alive and kickin' case anyone was wondering.  My husband finally finished school....after 12 years!  We haven't had time (or money) to take a breather, or a vacation, or to even celebrate really. I've been dying to whip out my scroll saw and smell the fresh saw dust...and paint stuff.... I have some projects up my sleeve! But alas, I have to unpack from our move.  And apparently it snows I have to hurry and clear out the boxes from the garage to make room for our cars. It's been a crazy past month. But we love our new area, and our new state of Colorado. It's beautiful here! I can't wait for all the outdoor adventures with my family!


1 comment:

Jinky said...

Happy to hear you're enjoying your new home. --Stay well and happy.

Sure miss you guys. :(